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Последняя актуальная версия Самая свежая версия для приложения Club Soccer Director - Football Club Manager от 18.11.2019

  • 18.11.2019 LAST APK v. 2.0.8ec --> скачать
    Новая система Quicker Save / Load
    Исправить ошибку тактики
    Различные исправления ошибок
  • 18.03.2018 APK v. 2.0.8 --> скачать
    New Quicker Save/Load system
    Soft Restart so you can now restart the game from the beginning but keep existing ...
  • 16.03.2018 APK v. 2.0.8e --> скачать
    bug fixed
  • 05.02.2018 APK v. 2.0.7 --> скачать
    Fix Staff Bug
    Fix End of Season Crash
    Fix Language bug on Transfer Filter
    Wages Tweaks
    Sound Fix on ...
  • 20.01.2018 APK v. 2.0.6 --> скачать
    Ads fix
    Wage Renewals Fix
    Loan Recalls
  • 18.01.2018 APK v. 2.0.5 --> скачать
    Ads fix
    Wage Renewals Fix
    Loan Recalls
  • 15.01.2018 APK v. 2.0.4 --> скачать
    Loan players recall fixed
    Player Transfer demands
    High wage renewals fixed
    More press questions
    Other fixes
  • 10.01.2018 APK v. 2.0.3 --> скачать
    Fixed Staff Compensation Bug
    Fixed Wages Increase Bug
    Fixed Excessive Wage Renewals
    Commercial Revenue ...
  • 21.12.2017 APK v. 2.0.2 --> скачать
    Bug Fixes for Available Funds Budgets
    Other fixes
  • 19.12.2017 APK v. 2.0.1 --> скачать
    Loading Bug Fix
    Other fixes
  • 16.12.2017 APK v. 2.0.0
    Major Game & Graphical Updates
    Match Engine Updates
    More Badge Awards
    More ways to earn rep
    Staff improving ...
  • 20.10.2017 APK v. 1.1.4
    Data Updates
    Fix bug with targets
    Fix Bug with available funds
    Fix loan offer bug
  • 04.10.2017 APK v. 1.1.3
    Bug fixes for coach screen in Russian
    Bug fixes for unemployment scene crash
    Localisation Bug Fixes
    Fixes to ...
  • 01.10.2017 APK v. 1.1.2
    Fixed an issue occurring when advancing while unemployed
    Fixed Russian language issue when requesting a change in ...
  • 29.09.2017 APK v. 1.1.0
    Fixed Bug for New Season not being generated correctly (anyone who has already encountered this will need to play through empty season till next one)
  • 28.09.2017 APK v. 1.0.9
    Fixed Bugs with fixtures, Cups, Play Offs
    Fixed Bugs with player Growth, Wages
    Transfer Market ...
  • 05.09.2017 APK v. 1.0.8
    Bug Fixes for fixtures, play off's
    Bug Fixes for Euro league tables
    Bug fixes for match day, staff ...
  • 29.08.2017 APK v. 1.0.7
    Fixed issue with rep falling
    More bug fixes to improve stability
  • 24.08.2017 APK v. 1.0.5
    Added in Portuguese Language support
    Game can now recover from corrupted save files and will in future create backup ...
  • 22.08.2017 APK v. 1.0.4
    Fixed errors for spanish languages
    Fixed some email related bugs
    Fixed several minor bugs
  • 21.08.2017 APK v. 1.0.3
    Fixes Stability Issues with Loading/Saving
    Fixed League Table Issue
    Fixed Statistic Panel Issue
    Fixed Match day ...
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