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Последняя актуальная версия Самая свежая версия для приложения The Ukulele App от 10.12.2018

  • 10.12.2018 LAST APK v. 1.45 --> скачать
    Thank you for your patience and massive apologies for not resolving the issue some users had with a black box showing in ...
  • 01.10.2018 APK v. 1.38 --> скачать
    Bug fixes and performance improvements - and we're also targeting the latest Android release!
  • 20.08.2017 APK v. 1.36 --> скачать
    Some bugs managed to sneak in during the last build - we're happy to report that they've been well and truly ...
  • 30.07.2017 APK v. 1.35 --> скачать
    BIG UPDATE! - Check out the new and improved tools menu which contains the NEW Chord Lookup and Chord Progression tools which will rocket your Ukulele
  • 15.06.2017 APK v. 1.30 --> скачать
    To thank everyone who's supported us during our HALF-MILLION / HALF-PRICE sale we've decided to release one of ...
  • 06.06.2017 APK v. 1.20 --> скачать
    Fixed the bug that will cause interstitial ad's to still be shown after the ProMode upgrade (but only until the app ...
  • 21.05.2017 APK v. 1.15 --> скачать
    Updates and bug fixes - we've finally managed to track down and squash all the audio issues a lot of people we're having. Your hardware audio
  • 29.01.2017 APK v. 1.1 --> скачать
    We've listened to your feedback and as an interim measure whilst we work on the next feature set we've fixed a few bugs made some minor improv
  • 23.12.2016 APK v. 1.0 --> скачать
    Hopefully fixed the issue some users are having with audio playback.
    Thanks for your patience.
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