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Последняя актуальная версия Самая свежая версия для приложения Word to PDF Converter от 16.09.2018

  • 16.09.2018 LAST APK v. 2.7 --> скачать
    Added support for Android 9 Pie.
    Small bugs fixed.
  • 25.06.2018 APK v. 2.6 --> скачать
    Fixed bugs which may cause app crash.
    Replaced a slow server.
  • 19.05.2018 APK v. 2.5 --> скачать
    Improved conversion results.
    Reduced app file size by 10%.
  • 23.03.2018 APK v. 2.4 --> скачать
    Added support for more document formats such as Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote etc.
  • 25.01.2018 APK v. 2.3 --> скачать
    Many improvements in OCR Converter.
  • 25.12.2017 APK v. 2.2 --> скачать
    Added support for OCR. Convert scanned Word to searchable PDF or convert scanned PDF to editable Word.
  • 24.11.2017 APK v. 2.1 --> скачать
    Added one more server and removed conversion queue mode. Your file conversion will start immediately without waiting in queue.
  • 18.10.2017 APK v. 2.0 --> скачать
    Added two more servers (one Linux server and one Windows server) to increase conversion speed.
    Major upgrade on PDF ...
  • 18.09.2017 APK v. 1.9 --> скачать
    View, delete, rename or print output PDF files.
    Automatically try another server if conversion failed in alternative ...
  • 17.08.2017 APK v. 1.8 --> скачать
    Deployed a brand new server and randomly choose a server as default server.
  • 21.07.2017 APK v. 1.7
    Added alternative converter which uses different server, file chooser, uploader and downloader. This should solve most conversion problems.
  • 19.06.2017 APK v. 1.6
    Deployed a brand new server as default server.
  • 22.04.2017 APK v. 1.5
    New file chooser, highlight supported files in directory. Improved PDF to Word conversion.
  • 22.12.2016 APK v. 1.4
    Fixed can't choose file bug on Android 4.4.
  • 13.11.2016 APK v. 1.3
    Deployed a new Windows server to process PDF to Word conversions.
  • 06.07.2016 APK v. 1.2
    Deployed a new server to process online conversions from Android app. It's recommended to upgrade your app if your conversion is very slow.
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